John Vonhof has a knack for finding ideas and then developing them into resources for people looking for help - typically in niche market subjects. He is a member of The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, Publishers Marketing Association, and The Small Publishers Association of North America.

John's Motivation

Vision - Christ like perfection.

Purpose - To serve God and mankind.

Mission - Seek challenges, learn, and grow, always demonstrating excellence in all I choose to do in service to others.

Credo - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What ever you want, give it away first. 

John's Bio

John Vonhof is a freelance writer who writes for the Christian and secular markets. He has taught at the Mt. Hermon, Florida, Castro Valley, San Diego, and Hercules Christian Writer’s Conferences, The Bay Area Independent Publishers Association’s Conference, and the Learning Annex in San Francisco. John has self-published four books and two booklets, two of which later picked-up by mainstream publishers, has been published in Christian and secular magazines, newsletters and Internet sites, and manages an e-zine and a blog. As a member of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, Small Publishers Association of North America, and the Publishers Marketing Association, he is the publisher of Footwork Publications. He lives in Manteca, California.

John's Work

He has been active in church and on church boards for years, therefore his books on Managing the Pastoral Search Process.

John has run marathons and ultramarathons, and fastpacked in the High Sierras. Licensed as a paramedic and orthopaedic technician, with 6+ years experience in an emergency room / trauma center, he knows about the medical field. That has lead to the following resources:

  • The book Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatment for Athletes, 5th edition, 2011
  • The booklet Happy Feet! - Foot Care Advice for Walkers and Travelers 
  • The Fixing Your Feet blog
  • The booklet and Kindle version A Parent's Guide to the Emergency Room: Managing Your Child's Crisis Without Fear 

As a result of his self-publishing efforts and the success of his resources, he has become a popular speaker at writer's conferences. His seminar topics include:

  • Own Your Writing Niche
  • Book Marketing, Promotion & Publicity
  • Marketing, Promotion and PR: Getting the Word Out
  • Building A Personalized Marketing Plan
  • What Makes A Great Idea?
  • I want it! - Book and Article Ideas Publishers Will Love
  • Tips to a Successful Book
  • Writing for Niche Market
  • Alternatives in Publishing
  • Inside the Mind of a Publisher: Enhancing Your Writing by Thinking, Writing and Marketing Like a Publisher
  • Dreaming Ideas and Writing Information that Sells
  • 101 Ways to Market Your Books 

John and his wife Kathie live in Manteca, in the heart of the California Central Valley. Now retired, John writes most days and evenings.